We are architects
Architects do a lot of stuff. However, what we like the most, is to develop projects in the medium and small scale, and also to be part of discussions of overall scale concerning strategy for a site or an area. Tuvalu consist of both architects and interior architect, and of course; we work across other academic orders. And for the record; we have ears and strive for transparent and collaborative processes.

We are the quick ones
Being a smaller office means we have to be effective. Our advantage lie in shorter communication lines that allows us to react fast and follow projects close. To create value as an architect, one have to integrate in interdisciplinary teams and contribute to effects outside of the project borders. One always has to exploit existing forces, but challenge the known and established truth. That makes us the quick ones in larger settings and cooperation.

We are engaged
We challenge the comfort zone in every project. These challenges can be found in the design and measureble solutions, in sustabainability, in cooperations, economics, construction or in other parameters. In some cases the little extra occurs in the pairing of the wellknown or even in small details.


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