New annex
Situated at Kråkerøy overviewing Færder Fyr
Private customer
15 m2
To create extra overnight accommodation in addition to the existing cabin. Sustainable solutions were desirable also from the client.The new building is shaped as a volume with a shift in the the plan. This creates two interior parts, delineating the sleeping areas and increasing the “living” space in the middle. It also defines a shielded patio interacting with the main cabin, protected from northerly winds, facing a great seaview to the south. Since the annex will be used for accommodation, the sizes of openings are balanced between adequate daylight and ventilation options, view and simple glare at night.
Extensive use of wood for interior surfaces is chosen to create healthy indoor air quality. The surfaces are treated with white Osmo which creates a bright nordic environment.

The exterior walls and roof are wrapped with wooden cladding, Kebony. If left untreated this environmental friendly cladding needs no maintenance and acquires a grey patina over time when exposed to sun, wind and rain. The walls at two sides are tilted to increase the influence of the weather over time, and to emphasize the interior height. The sizes of metals are kept to a minimum, and the gutter is wrapped into the front wall.

The project was developed in close collaboration between Tuvalu and the client. A blog was created as a tool for the transparent process, from idea to completed building. The client also participated in building the annex.