HVA Båthus

HVOR Ibestad

NÅR 2014

HVEM Privat


To create a new boathouse with great internal ceilings and also areas for staying, replacing an old boathouse.

The boathouse design is based on a wooden construction that allows great internal heights. Due to the difficult navigable site, the dimensions of the construction timber are split into small sizes for easy maneuvering during the building process.

The concept of the construction is a mirrored frame setup with double columns at one side and four columns at the other. This follows up the same principle for the beams. This makes one frame fit all together and jointed with the bypass-principle. The frames are fixed together lengthwise.

A "living space" is established in the southern part, with directly access to outdoor space. A ramp connects the different levels.

The client shall retrieve timber from own woods. Wooden cladding are to be used at the upper part and roof, and corten cladding at the base.