Single family house
Haugesund, located on the harsh Norwegian west coast
2011- 2013
Private customer
265 m2 BRA
To create a home facilitating an efficient and practical everyday, a shielded and sunny patio, and maximize oceanview to the west.
The house formalizes as two meeting volumes, creating a back to the north and the wind, and opens up to the sun and oceanview in the south and west. The layout of the plans are based on the spatial combination of “public” and “private” functions. The private functions, such as bathroom and bedrooms, are kept to the back. This forms the spaces of the more transparent functions, such as kitchen and living room. These functions face the patio at the ground floor to the south and west. In the second floor the bedrooms and bathroom are situated in the back, following the principles of the ground floor, and are easily accessed from the centrally located stairs. A tv lounge is elevated to the west, offering the underlying living room extra height.
The house is wrapped with wooden cladding, Kebony, on both walls and roof. If left untreated this environmental friendly cladding needs no maintenance and acquires a grey patina over time when exposed to sun, wind and rain. Other sustainable actions are efficient use of space, windows openings concentrated to the south and west, balanced ventilation connected to geothermal energy, efficiently located piping in vertical axis, and a clean burning fireplace.

Byggmester Solstrand
Optimera, avd. Haugesund