Feasibility study for property; Strategic development for housing and industry facilities connecting the site and functions to the area, city and district.
Indre Arna, Bergen
2013 - ongoing
Property 8.383 m2
To develop new building structures that relate and connect to the existing and future situation of a city in growth.
Indre Arna is growing closer to Bergen as the train lines are being extended. In this the potential of the site increases and the property shall be developed for mixed use in connection to the center of Indre Arna. Noise, view, traffic and walking patterns, sun and wind conditions create a complex situation and new building structures should relate to the different conditions in a conscious way. The study examines different ways of creating public spaces; How to exploit the view and sun and still keep out of the noise from the railway and roads and how to facilitate the site mainly for pedestrians and bikers at ground level and carparking underground. The study is ongoing and shall be wrapped up for concrete solutions.