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SAMARBEIDSPARTNERE Atsite urban planning & landscape design og Notch

HVOR Norddal

NÅR 2013

To develop a sober environmental friendly residential area out of the premises to the countryside Norddal, connecting the new area to Norddal in different ways.
Norddal is a small rural district where organic cultivation has been developed for many years. By teaming up with these forces the concept was set with weight. On this basis the proposal shows new family houses of various sizes interacting with the cultivation, the landscape and nature forces (sun, wind, rain, snow), and social outdoor areas and activities. The project facilitates for a large degree of sharing and new business ideas in the district. The area pulsates with its surroundings throughout the variations of the day and the year, concerning climate, visitors etc.

A basic module is suggested as a starting point for the houses. This module has the possibility of expansion over time, or right away in cases of economic strength. The plan layout is regardless of size built up around a centrally located warming core. The surrounding zones can be opened and closed in different parts of the house to adjust to the various heating needs of the program. In this way the houses can pulsate, not only with their surroundings but also inside. The basement is designed as flexible spaces, to be integrated in the house or used for business purposes.

It is suggested various environmental friendly actions for the architecture; minimal footprints, efficient and flexible plan layouts, local and sustainable materials and energy sources, and an efficient construction system that easily can be built by locals.