WHAT Competition - Transformation of the old sewage works in Akershus Festning. Collaboration with Helen & Hard and Aspelin Ramm.
WHERE Akershus Festning, Oslo
WHEN 2011 (2nd place)
WHO Forsvarsbygg
OBJECTIVES To develop the property for culture related activities and to increase public use of Akershus Festning and Kvadraturen.
HOW The proposal intends to connect the existing underground areas of the sewage works to the city and to Akershus Festning through a new public space. The interventions to the existing spaces were kept to a minimum and suggested as flexible areas with a concert scene with capacity of 3000 people, which is missing in Oslo today. This program takes full advantage of the distinctive architecture of the sewage works and provides great flexibility for different types of events and use. An additional building was proposed as a Children´s Art Museum, to offer various program and use during the day and to attract a wider range of visitors.